Horse Amour’s Online Show Guideline/Rules


*All entries must be received and paid for in full by September 30. Videos will not be judged without entry being paid in full.

*All video entries must be uploaded to YouTube and have a valid address for easy viewing. Be aware that your videos will be available to be viewed by the public, as well as other competitors and judges.

*All performances and submissions are expected to have been created in 2020, with the idea that we will not let the Corona Virus keep us from our passions!

*A formal dressage arena is not required for tests or freestyles. Do your best to outline and mark your arena with what you have. It’s expected that many of you are stranded at home.

*Attire need not be formal, just safe. Helmets please.

*Questions? Call the farm at 802-468-2200, text Sue on her cell at 802-683-6598, Facebook messenger Sue Cook, or email the farm at 

*Questions can be Facebook messeged to Sue Cook (please don’t use the Horse Amour facebook page, the messages are hard to find)

*If you do not get a prompt response, message Sue Cook again!

*Entries will be posted as recieved, so check frequently

Po© Sue Cook 2015