GMC Class Fall 2017

After a bareback ride!

When Bit Wipes arrive at class time...

Competent students enjoying a trailride.

Last class of the semester— look how great they are!!!

L-R Cecile on Jetta, Scout on Comanche, Georgia on Sirius, Bug on Allegro, Sadie on Target, Ellen on Moose, and Zeb on Bubba.

Cecile, Scout and Georgia.

Scout, Georgia, Bug and Sadie.

Georgia, Bug and Sadie.

Sadie, Ellen and Zeb.

Bug, Sadie, Ellen and Zeb.

Sadie and Ellen, Target and Moose.

Can you tell that these two formed a friendship this semester? Zeb and Bubba had the best time. What a great experience for both, and a good prompt for me to see that Bubba has so much to offer to my students. Times they are a changin’…

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