Model Horses

Model Horse Dressage results:  "What a lovely class of horses, riders, trainers, and photographers!  I was amazed at the creativity and care shown by the exhibitors in this class.  It was a pleasure to judge, and was certainly difficult to place."

Ribbons and a prize for 1st place are available for pickup at the barn. Thankyou Heather Keith for volunteering to judge this difficult division!

1st:  Maya Volpe, “Intro Test.”  I really appreciate how well behaved Taffy was in this test, and what good equitation the rider has.  She must have a good trainer!  I also appreciate how straight Taffy was on the center line and how she did her transitions right at the letters.  And nice work training this horse and rider team to salute together.  Well done! Click on the link below to view:


2nd:  Savanah Kirby, “Pirouette.”  This horse has a lovely pirouette!  The rider is nicely balanced, letting this naturally talented horse show his beautiful movement.  I also appreciate how well turned out the horse and rider are.  The rider looks so nice in her formal attire.

3rd:  Molly Czub, “Purple Rain.”  This horse is performing a lovely canter pirouette at liberty.  I love to see paints with such talent and natural balance!  I also appreciate the amazing background and photography.


4th:  Charlotte Thompson, “Panda in the Water.”  What a well-behaved horse to so willingly walk in the water!  This horse is well turned out with his braids and sparkling white socks—a lovely and obedient dressage prospect.  I really liked the photography—the backdrop makes me imagine a real horse walking through a mountain stream.


5th:  Savanah,  “Extended Trot.”  I wish my horse would extend so nicely!  And look at how well the rider sits that big trot.

6th:  Molly, “Forest Dweller.”  You are an excellent photographer.  I love how you used shadow and light to showcase this lovely model horse in nature.

Additional submissions appear below. They are fabulous!!!!

Passage, by Savana Kirby, age 13.

Extended trot, by Savana Kirby, age 13.

Collected canter, by Savana Kirby, age 13.

Stretchy trot, by Savana Kirby, age 13.

Canter transition, by Savana Kirby, age 13.

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