Dressage Art

Another class that is limited only by your imagination. And not just for kids…

Proposed Divisions:

     *10 years old and younger

     *11-13 years old

     *14-18 years old


All artwork must be an original work by the contestant.

The artwork must be 2-dimensional, such as a painting or drawing. Acceptable media include paint, pencil, marker, crayon, ink and oil pastel.

Participants may submit only one peice per media type.

Artwork must be photographed or scanned and submitted to Sue Cook along with a completed entry form, by May 31.

Below are some examples of things our people have submitted in the past for event covers, etc.

With all the time we have now, get out the art mediums and create! Categories will be added if entries warrant them. Let me know what you have in mind.

Cover for Horse Amour’s Spring Dressage Show program 2016, by Grace T.

Halloween Moon, by Nancy W.

Bones, by Olivia W.

Shirts made at Spring Dressage Camp a few years ago.

junPo© Sue Cook 2015