2021 Jumper Nights

Horse Amour will be hosting “Jumper Nights Under The Lights”, open schooling of our fabulous stadium jumps on select evenings this summer. 

Dates are June 18 and July 16

*Beginning at 6pm

*course is open for walking at 5pm

*Full sized stadium jump course

*show-like atmosphere with flowers and PA system 

*ride up to 4 rounds for only $30

*mix and match heights

*ground poles to 2’9

*fences raised in 3” increments

Pelletier’s Maple Products will be offering a concession at Jumper Night, with delicious fried bread dough!

RSVP preferred, but not mandatory. Call or email us if you are interested. Outside trainers invited!!!!! Bring your current coggins test and proof of rabies vaccination.

There will be ONE COURSE. Please plan to learn the course (it will be simple) and be ready to ride when it is your turn. COME EARLY to avoid lengthy delays.

Courses offered:

1. Ground Poles

2. Cross Rails/18” verticals no flowers

3. Cross Rails/18” verticals with flowers

4. 2’

5. 2’3

6. 2’6

7. 2’9

Po© Sue Cook 2015