Hi Sue,

Here is my testimonial--

Your bit wipes are great! They make breaking young horses to a bit so much easier and the horses are so much happier. They are also fantastic for hard to bridle horses, with the bit wipes- they are not nearly so difficult and most get to the point they are easy to bridle. This is an awesome product!

Nancy Maloney, Ironworks Training, Hunter Jumper Trainer for 45 years. I also stood numerous stallions including Ironman.

Hi Sue,

     I’m finally getting around to write about your Bit Wipes. I can’t say enough about how good Horse Amour Bit Wipes are. My horses love to accept the bti now. They look forward to the tattiest of the bit. My 4-Hers’ who ride with me ding it so much easier to bit the horses abd they keep the bits cleanser because they wipe shtem off after riding Its a breeze. I recommend them to my fieriness and there is so much thaey are good for, like your hands, other peices of tack, to clean horses noses and wipe out water buckets (they love the taste of peppermint water). It’s made my life easier with kids and horses. Look forward to seeing you soon. 

     Jan Lingner, Graytree Farm, North Pownal, VT 


     I have to say that I am totally addicted to this product, so easy to use, my bit is always shining and my horses are happy!

     Kelly Latham, KJ Horses, UK Supplier

Hi Sue,

     I just wanted you to know that I have sold about 6 cans of your Bit Wipes and I’m attaching an email from one of our enthusiasts: “I HAVE to buy my friend some of the bit wipes that your friend makes. Those things are the best!!!!! I absolutely love them! They clean great, the horses love the taste they leave on the bit and they’re so convenient!” How are they going for you at other shops?

     Edie Devens, Trumbull Mtn Tack Shop

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