GMC course/student page

Spring 2017 GMC students! Jackie on Charlie, Chloe on Allegro, Caele on the ground, Ashley on Little Cloud, Jade on Comanche, Amy on Jetta, Cecile on Sarah and Bailey on Bailey. Best class ever!!

Hi Students!

On this page I will post class material, and/or Journal Prompts. Hopefully it will be easier and more reliable than emailing.


LINK 1: Transitions in Brief

LINK 2: Transitions in Depth

LINK 3: War Horse/Camp week February 22

Link 4: Spring Break Week March 8

Link 5: March 25

Link 6: March 29 Horse Welfare

Link 7: Soft Eyes by Sally Swift

Link 8: Club Class

Link 9: Little Cloud’s first dressage test

Fall 2016 GMC course students, L-R Jay on Target, Hannah on Allegro, Sarah on Cresent & Sawyer on Jetta.

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