Does YOUR horse love his bit?

2019 Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

January 12 Horsepower 4-H club banquet

January 18 IEA practice

January 20 Mounted Pony Club Meeting, Horse Amour

January 26 RCPC Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction

January 27 Rutland County Hippology

February 10 Valentine’s Gymkhana, Horse Amour

February 17 Horsepower 4-H Sewing Day

February 17 Pony Club Lesson

February 19-22 Winter Camp at Horse Amour

March 1 Rutland County Quiz Bowl

March 9 State 4-H Quiz Bowl, Fair Haven

March tba Arts & Crafts Clinic, Rutland County 4-H 

March 16 Pony Club Quiz

March 17 Pony Club Lesson

March 24 Mounted Pony Club Meeting, Horse Amour

March 31 Pony Club Lesson

April 6 State 4-H Hippology

April 6 Kathi Bruce clinic, Horse Amour

April 16-20, & 28 Spring Dressage Camp

April 7 Mounted Pony Club Meeting

April 28 Spring Dressage Show at Horse Amour

May 1 Eastern State Applications Due to County Office

May 5 GMHA Schooling Jumper Show

May 5 State 4-H Horse Judging

May 11 4-H State Day

May 10-12 Rutland County 4-H Clinic, Fairgrounds

May 17-18 Regional Pony Club Dressage Rally, Addison

June 9 North Country Horses Show, Gansevoort, NY

June 14 Jumper Night at Horse Amour

June 16 Extreme Obstacle Play Day at Circle F Stables (Horsemasters Only)

June 22 GMHA Starter Horse Trials

June 23 Mounted Pony Club Meeting, Centerline Farm

June 28 Jumper Night at Horse Amour

June 30 Schooling Fun Jumper Show (tentative)

July 7 Horse Amour Horse Trials #1

July 11-14 Vermont State 4-H Horse Show

July 17-19 Adult Dressage Camp

July 21 Horse Amour Horse Trials #2

July 22-27  Summer Dressage Camp

July 28 Horse Amour Summer Dressage Show

August 4 Centerline Farm Show and Trail Competition

August 11 Horse Amour Horse Trials #3

August 14-18 VT State Fair

August 17 VT State Fair Horse Show

August 23 Schooling Jumper Show, Horse Amour

August 25 Rutland County Pony Club Show, Centerline Farm

September 22 Old Timer’s Show, Cambridge NY

September 29 Centerline Farm Show & Trail Trials

October 7 Horse Amour Horse Trials #4

October 19 Fall Fun Day

Farm Tour

Horse Amour is a small dressage and combined training barn in the Green Mountains of Vermont. We are home to innovative and unique equine activities, and are committed to the comfort and happiness of our horses.

Our stadium jumping arena.

Located in the quaint & historical college town of Castleton, we have a spectacular southern view of the Birdseye Valley. Our entire facility is at the top of a dead end dirt road. We have a 60 x 120 indoor riding arena, 36 stalls, an outdoor sand dressage arena and a huge stadium jumping arena. We have built an ever expanding cross country course, with 3 levels for a total of over 50 obstacles. We are constantly building and improving on our facility. We are home to the world's best schoolhorses, instructors and boarders, and the home of Horsepower 4-H Club, Rutland County Pony Club, Vintage Horsepower, and Horsemasters, the adult version of Pony Club.  We hold many activities year round, as well as attending away shows and events with our staff, boarders and students.To inquire about becoming part of our terrific family, give us a visit, send us an email or give us a call.

Our cross country course winds around the property.

Our sand dressage arena is surrounded by peaceful woods on 3 sides.

Our dead end dirt road is a very pleasant and easy trailride.

We have limited trails on our small property, but this loop through the x/c course is great.

And of course our indoor arena allows us to ride, whatever the weather!

After a spring turnout—grass hangovers!!! After a shower, look where the rainbow ends!

Bit Wipes

Does YOUR horse love his bit?

Horse Amour Peppermint Bit Wipes are an original equestrian product, circa 2004. Bit Wipes were created as a solution to the problem of proper bit care in a large lesson barn. As you can see by our website we are a full time operating lesson stable and boarding barn, not a commercial manufacturer. Although the finished product is assembled for us in Iowa, our Bit Wipes are handled personally in the basement of our house after chores each day, and shipped to retailers accross the country and to Canada.

Unloading our Bit Wipes at Horse Amour. Manufactured in the Midwest, but sold case by case out of our home in Vermont.

Since the addition of Bit Wipes in our barn, we have had great success with our horses taking the bit more readily and our students have an easy and fun way to take proper care of bits without the damaging effects of water on the bridle leather. Young horses who have been bitted from the start with regular use of Bit Wipes have quickly learned to reach for their bits, since they taste good! The wipes are also so gentle and refreshing that they are great for wiping around the muzzle and dock area as well, and for dirty hands and faces of riders. Peppermint is clean, fresh, 100% natural and has many health benefits attributed to it; from calming qualities for mental health to digestive benefits. With the 2007 addition of Golden Delicious Apple Bit Wipes, there is now a flavor alternative.

This is a shipment of Bit Wipes, packed up and ready to ship to our major distributor English Riding Supply.

Reducing the resistance of the bitting process has enhanced the horse/rider relationship in our barn and it can do the same in yours! A horse who looks forward to taking his bit is truly a pleasure, and is going to be more relaxed, leading to  a softer contact and connection with the rider.

The basement of our split level ranch is the warehouse!

I carry a canister in my truck to wipe the fuel from my hands at the service station, to clean hands after the drive-thru or concession at a horse show, to give a show ring shine to my horse’s muzzle and nostrils when ringside, or to do a last minute touch up to boots or stirrup irons. The wonderful natural scent of peppermint evaporates entirely, leaving only a fresh tingle and clean feeling behind. I can’t be at a horse show without my Bit Wipes! I’ve been laughed at a few times for carrying my bit wipes into the porto-potty at a horse show, but on a 90 degree day, trust me they are refreshing!

This is my basement from the inside. 1/2 full of Bit Wipes, 7 pallets worth.

Only triple distilled gourmet peppermint extract is used to flavor Horse Amour Peppermint Bit Wipes; the same peppermint used to flavor ice cream and candy. All ingredients are human-grade, not animal. The wipe itself is of the highest quality; they will not tear or leave fiber behind. There are 40 5 x 7” wipes in each canister. The canister is perfectly portable in any brush box, and is completely recyclable. All ingredients and parts are 100% MADE IN THE USA.

And the basement from the outside. Full with 14 pallets of Bit Wipes!

Bit Wipes are available at finer tack shops everywhere, and in all of the major equine retail catalogs. Horse Amour sells only to authorized retailers— if that is you, give us a call or send an email requesting dealer information.


We are always interested in our customers feedback, and enjoy hearing about the many uses our customers find for their Bit Wipes. Email us today at 



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