Druthers is a “craigslist Quarterhorse”, a thoroughbred! But that’s okay with us, we love him. Druthers is a bit of a doofus, especially on the ground, but with a little schmoozing, he becomes attentive and lovey. He is a die hard cribber, but he is safe and willing under saddle despite his inexperience and youth. His atrocious, pancake feet have prevented him from becoming a dependable lesson horse, but we think that after 2 years of Farrier’s Formula, we are almost there. Ask to ride Druthers this winter, in the nice soft indoor, and you won’t be disappointed. Druthers’ origins are a mystery; while he looks to be all Thoroughbred, and he is pinfired, he does not have a lip tattoo. Druthers can’t wait to be someone’s special weekly project ! This year he has grown into a tall, handsome and healthy boy, ready to go to work.

DOB: 2010

Chestnut TBX, 16.1h

Po© Sue Cook 2015