Our boarders become like family. We live on premises, and spend hours everyday in the barn taking care of our boarders. We can see them from the house when they are turned out, and we quickly know their habits, behaviors and routines. Our honest affection and care for your horse makes Horse Amour as safe and loving a home for your equine companion as can be outside of your own backyard. We are a family of true animal lovers, and have decades of various experiences and a variety of educational backgrounds. We have limited space, and dry lot paddocks offering semi-private pasturing. We keep horses outdoors as much as possible, weather permitting. Stalls are 10 x 12 matted box stalls in the main aisle, 10 x 12 box stalls with run-in paddock, and occasionally rough board is offered. Rough board is turnout with the lesson herd, and a box stall in the back barn. Prices as follows:

$650/monthly Luxury Board, with extra accommodations

$550/monthly temporary or overflow board 

$500/monthly permanent board, private paddock  turnout

$475/monthly permanent board, semi-private paddock (2)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

$450/monthly permanent board, group turnout

$450/monthly Run-in board, self cleaning, private stall

$400/monthly Run-in board, self cleaning, semi-private paddock

$200/monthly Training Board (in addition to the above, 3 rides weekly)

Grain is Blue Seal Mane Menu textured, or Sentinal Performance. Alternative feeds must be supplied by the owner. Supplements and smartpaks are fed, to be supplied by owner. Farrier and vet services of your choice, or use our barn vet Granville Vet Service, and barn farriers Shane Gerstner, Todd Wheeler and Camille Spafford, we are happy to arrange this for you. We feed well, and have a wonderful source of hay.  After one month at Horse Amour, you will be pleased with the looks, attitude and happiness of your horse!

We like to show, trail ride, event and have fun with our horses. Transportation is available to all local events that Team Horse Amour likes to participate in, at extremely affordable rates!

If you don’t like the hustle of a busy lesson barn, an activity every week, chickens, dogs and cats underfoot, then Horse Amour may not be ideal for you. We are active, noisy, busy and not in the least bit private. But if you are social, like to hang with other horse lovers and owners, and want your horse to be kept busy and entertained, we are your barn!

Meet some of our happy boarders:

Nancy & Sassafrass. Celebrating 2 decades of Horse Amour!

Jackie and her handsome Bad To The Roan, aka Ghost.

Breanna & King.


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