Q: How do I get the plastic canister open?

A: Easy!!! Flip the little lid, grasp it gently and firmly and pull the whole top straight toward you and snap it off. Do NOT use a hammer to pry open, it may affect the air/water tightness of the cap. Then peel off the inner seal. DON'T twist the cap as you pull it off, the cap hinge is delicate.

Q: How do I start the towel roll?

A: Find the center of the wipe roll, and carefully pull it straight up from the middle. Twist the tip of the first wipe and point it throught the star shaped opening in the cap, pull the tip through from the other side, then snap the cap back on. Do NOT push your finger through the hole!!! You don't need to and it is sharp!

Q: My bit wipes got left in the barn and froze solid!! Now what?

A: Take them somewhere warm and they will thaw in a jiffy. The contents are not negatively affected by freezing. The plastic is much more brittle in bitter cold, so be careful not to drop your canister, or twist the lid hinge. It is easily broken in cold weather. Replacement caps are available. Send a self addressed 9.5 x 11" padded envelope for a free replacement.

Q: My horse ate a bit wipe! Will he be okay?

A: When I first started with the bit wipes, I had a pet pig. He ate numerous bit wipes, and was never harmed. At one time there was a calf in the barn, and he LOVED to eat bit wipes. Although certainly not recommended, there have been no adverse effects from this.

Q: Is the plastic canister recycleable?

A: YES!!! First of all it's MADE of recycled plastic! Now, rinse it out and please place it (and the lid) in the recycle bin at your barn. Think Green!

Q: I loved the Golden Delicious Apple Bit Wipes, but now I can’t find them?

A: The price of the Golden Delicious flavoring went from $99/gallon to $165/gallon, and we are taking a hiatus from mixing that flavor until we either win the lottery or the price comes down to a sustainable level.

Po© Sue Cook 2015