Horse Amour Spring Dressage Show 2020 Online


Class List

1. 2019 Intro Test B

2. 2019 Intro Test C

3.2019 Training Level Test 1 (class division based on entries)

     2019 Training Level Test 2

     2019 Training Level Test 3

4. Test of Choice

5. Dressage Suitability

6. Longeline

7. Leadline

8. Musical Freestyle

9. Stick Horse Dressage Test

10. Stick Horse Musical Freestyle

11. Stick Horse Suitability for Dressage

12. Model Horses for Dressage

13. Dressage Art

14. Dressage Photography

15. Dressage Horse at Liberty (photo)

16. Dressage Horse at Liberty (video)

17. Pas De Deux

     Horse Amour’s Musical Dressage Shows are a celebration of the passion for our dressage schooling and the simple joy of beautiful horses. Dressage is great fun when combined with music and the incredibly entertaining creativity and talent that our competitors bring to this show!

     $20 per class for classes with live horses, $10 each for all other classes. Show special $50/day for entry into as many classes as you wish (no duplicates, and only one test please). If you wish to ride multiple tests, you may, for the fee per additional test. All proceeds beyond paying our judge will go to support Horse Amour school horses who are eagerly hoping to return to work very soon!

Po© Sue Cook 2015